Ronin Brand Lightweight Student Karate Gi

Ronin is one of the top quality brands in the industry today, and this superiority is evident in this karate Gi. It is made of 100% cotton, which is a benefit for those involved in the serious study of any athletic endeavor. Cotton breathes easier and will allow you to focus on your training, rather than fall prey to the distraction of a synthetic polymer.

It comes in sizes ranging from 0000 to 7, with 0000-2 equipped with elastic waist pants. Sizes 3-7 come with traditional drawstring pants.

You can get them in either white or black, depending on what is preferred for your dojo, tournament, or private inclinations. Be aware that Ronin’s uniforms are of a higher quality and the lightweight classification may be similar to other brands medium weight


$ 37.95
Ronin brand Poly/cotton student karate uniform

Ronin Brand Student Karate uniform - Poly/cotton

The light weight Karate uniform range by Ronin is perfect for adults as well. For more serious entry level martial artists this uniform is an ideal choice.

Made from light weight polyester and a cotton mix this uniform easily absorbs sweat while adding no discomfort to the wearer.

This uniform requires no ironing prior to usage. It is available from size 3 to 7 only.

The unique fabric blend of poly/cotton ensures that washing does not shrink the uniform.

A complimentary white belt is included with the purchase price. It is an ideal choice for adult martial artists desiring a light weight durable uniform.  Pants come with elastic waist with pull string.

Comes in white only.

$ 46.95
Ronin Brand Middleweight Karate uniform

For the intense training required to reach that level, a middleweight uniform is the logical choice. Light enough to enable free, nimble movement, yet durable enough to withstand the moderate abuse of training and sparring, Ronin’s medium weight traditional karate uniform is a welcome addition to any martial artists’ equipment. This 9.5 oz. 100% cotton uniform stays cool in a multitude of climates and conditions, while wicking sweat away from the athlete’s body.

Given Ronin’s impeccable track record for quality, this uniform is a tremendous value starting at just $39.95. That price doesn’t come at the expense of selection, offered in black or white, and a full range of sizes spanning 00 through 7. Sizes 3 and up come equipped with a stay-fit drawstring, enabling you to customize the fit to your preferred level of snugness. Smaller sizes, 00-2, come with a comfortable elastic waistband that generously accommodates the growth spurts of up-start martial arts youth.

Ronin considered every martial artist’s need for protection as well as movement, allowing ample room for shin, instep and forearm guards.  Any level of martial artist can train confidently toward tournament status in this uniform knowing that Ronin is a name synonymous with strength and quality.

Come with jacket, pants, & white belt.


$ 39.95
Ronin Brand 12oz. Traditional Heavyweight Karate Uniform

If you are planning on entering competitions, you will need a heavyweight Karate gi. Competitions can be very stiff, and judges can be impressed by a well taken care of, well cut, heavyweight gi. These gis are soft and comfortable enough that they can be used for everyday training, but stiff enough that they make a rewarding snaping sound when a sharp move is executed.

The Ronin Brand 12oz Heavyweight Karate gi is comparable to the Shureido K-10 Heavyweight gi. Because Shureido is known in the Karate world as the Rolls Royce of Karate gear, they tend to be expensive. The Ronin Heavyweight Gi is much less expensive and still gives you the same quality.

The Ronin Heavyweight Karate gi is made of 100% cotton Duck Canvas, as most good heavyweight gis are. It is cut in the traditional style, but is actually cut a bit large because it will shrink anywhere from 1 to 3 inches when it is first washed and dried. The pants are the traditional drawstring pants.

If you are looking for a High quality Black belt to go along with your gi, you may want to think about the Ronin Brand Deluxe Black Belt. They are always available iand compliment the Ronin Heavyweight Karate gi perfectly.




$ 65.95
Ronin Brand Super Heavyweight 16oz. Karate gi

Ronin Brand Super Heavyweight Karate Gi

Ronin Brand Super Heavyweight 16oz. Karate gi - White or Black

A very affordable and common gi from a prestigious brand - Ronin, that can be used for kumite, kata or kihon. With this karate uniform you will feel comfortable and unrestrained in movement. You may be good with your chops and kicks, but a true martial artist needs more than that. A karate uniform makes you a part of the ancient tradition of the dojo, while it also provides the comfort and toughness you need to withstand the physical demands of the sport. Stand up to the challenges of your opponents with a uniform that is as dashing as your karate moves.

The Ronin Brand Super Heavyweight Karate Gi is built to withstand the constant stretching and tugging involved in the sport of karate. Made of 100% cotton duck canvas, this top quality 16 oz. karate gi is considered the toughest uniform available in the market. It features a similar Ronin Competition label from the traditional classic 12oz. Ronin Heavyweight except it has a Gold and black label and consist of the same full-length pants with draw strings for proper fastening.

The Ronin Brand Super Heavyweight Karate Gi is available in white or black and varying sizes of 3 to 7.

$ 95.00
Ronin Shiai Karate Gi - Purple Label

Ronin Brand Purple Label Shiai Gi.

Superb middle weight Competition Karate uniform.

Okinawan tournament cut composed with the highest quality 9.5oz. Cotton - Paper denim canvas which lets off a sharp snapping sound when performing kata. Very good sweat absorption and holds it's shape during training.

This can be used for Kata & light enough for Kumite sparring. Also included inside the jacket is a pocket which can hold your tournament ID card or cell phone.

$ 99.95
Ronin Brand Shiai Brushed Karate Gi -Blue Label - 11 oz.

This is a Ronin Brand Shiai Brushed Karate gi - 11 oz. special designed for everyday training & Kumite competitions. It absorbs easily the sweat and releases humidity quickly, permitting the body to breath more freely.

Ronin Brand's New Shiai tournament cut (short sleeves, longer jacket, short baggy pants) style karate gi. Bleach white High Quality Brushed canvas 100% cotton.

Meticulously constructed for the comfort & freedom of movement for the serious KUMITE* competitor (Jacket & Pants). Sizes 1-8, also come in half sizes.

When you compete in a kumite tournament it is important to have a gi that allows unrestrained movement and provide a good ventilation to the body in order to avoid overheating too quickly, and this while looking good on you and producing the right sound effects.

The Model - Joe Talerico, 5th dan Shotokan karate. former usa team member. 7 national gold medals, 5 International gold medals. Most recent gold - U.S. Open in las vegas, March 2013.

$ 129.95
Ronin Brand Shiai Red label Brushed 14oz. Japanese Cut Karate Gi
A Unique looking Karate heavyweight brushed cotton uniform which stands about the weight as the Ronin Brand Black label Shiai (Japan cloth duck canvas). This Ronin Shiai Red label consist of the highest quality Brushed 14oz. 100% cotton snow white canvas.

Finest yarns of best quality materials are manufactured with masterful skill for this excellent product. Offers the maximum in comfort and mobility. Reinforcement stitching on the jacket and pants to offer strength and durability. Very comfortable, breathable fabric. Roomy, loose cut for smoother motion. An ideal uniform for advanced Karate practitioners and top competitors.

Japanese tournament cut.
$ 119.95
Ronin Brand Camouflage Heavy Weight Karate Uniform

The Ronin Heavyweight Karate gi is made of 100% cotton  14oz. Duck Canvas, as most good heavyweight gis are. It is cut in the traditional style, but is actually cut a bit large because it will shrink anywhere from 1 to 3 inches when it is first washed and dried. The pants are the traditional drawstring pants.

Stiff enough that they make a rewarding snapping sound when Kata forms is executed.

$ 119.95
Medium Weight Karate Pants by Ronin

From now on, you can have both quality and flexibility in your karate equipment. The Ronin middleweight karate pants are perfect for you because they are designed by experts so you can experience comfort and confidence.

We only choose the best materials for our products and your skin will breathe in the 100% cotton pants, so you can make your best performance.


Reasons to buy our product:

  • Made by 100% best quality cotton
  • Designed by experts
  • Wide range of sizes: from 3 to 7
  • 9 oz weight
  • Crotch gusset with triangular inseam inserts.
  • Comes in black or white
  • Gives you comfort& flexibility
  • Traditional Drawstring tie closure
  • Suitable for trainings& competitions

You’ve found the ones. ADD TO CART NOW and enjoy trainings without other worries.

$ 34.95
Heavy weight Karate Pants by Ronin

In competitions and demonstrations, you have to look as you are – strong, determined and at your best. What people see first are not your moves, but your equipment. So, especially for these occasions, we came with these best quality heavyweight pants.

Your performance will be flawless since you wear our product made by 100% cotton and with a special design so you can have no limit in flexibility.


Some of the amazing features of our product:

  • 100% cotton duck canvas
  • 12 oz weight
  • Perfect for competitions, demonstrations and instructors
  • Sizes from 2 to 7
  • Secure drawstring waist
  • They come with a gusseted crotch
  • Flexible & comfortable
  • Choose White or Black


ORDER NOW and make the best of your performance!

$ 44.95
Ronin Brand Shiai Deluxe Japan Cloth (Blk/gold Label) Karate Gi

The best from Ronin Brand: Shiai Deluxe Japan Cloth (Blk/gold Label) - 11oz - 70%Poly/30%Cotton comes now with free shipping! Sizes 3-8

This karate gi is the top sportswear provided by Ronin and designed as ultimate Kata* karate uniform. It provides elegance, mobility, comfort and the right sounding while you move, putting you on the list of karate masters.

New From Ronin Brand, Tournament Japanese cut made of 11oz. No.10 Duck canvas from JAPAN. It's appearance has a sea foam blue that can only be obtained from Japan.

It has the traditional shoulder stitch and contains numerous STRAIGHT rows of stitching on the sleeves and bottom of pants. The high quality of this No. 10 cloth is superb. The waistline on pants are lined with cloth cotton for easy sweat absorption. Traditional ties with drawstring waist on pants. It's unique composition of cotton and polyester gives the fabric unique properties.  This suit is slim fit like a glove and tailoring is usually not necessary.

Their are very few Karate uniforms made of this caliber. This gi can be compared to the Tokaido tournament cut, Shureido NW-3, Seishin International, & Kamikaze Tokyo Excellence Gi. They all have similar cuts & materials

This Karate gi is ideal for Kata Competion. 

The Model - Joe Talerico, 5th dan Shotokan karate. former usa team member. 7 national gold medals, 5 international gold medals. Most recent gold - U.S. Open in las vegas, March 2013.

$ 239.95